The Tower


The Tower rules Kolum, the Land Undreamt, with a mailed fist wrapped in velvet. One of the most skilled warriors of the Land, she leads by inspiration and example, even as it seems her kingdom is collapsing around her. If she is the last Tower, she is determined to prove the strongest.

“My ancestors stood watch over the Land and guided it through the years of unraveling. I will be the bulwark against further dissolution, the foundation of a future that rebuilds.”

Madrilankha, the City of Lies and capital of Kolum.

The Tower is the latest of a recent line of well-educated and heavily involved rulers of Kolum. In a Land where kindness and mercy are at a premium, her line has always attempted to preserve what remains of those values, while also dealing with the realities of ruling in an environment where bitterness, fear, and xenophobia have been the norm for centuries prior to her family’s ascendance. There is some irony to such an honorable lineage being charged with rule over a City of Lies (a historical title obviously preceding her own) but the Tower does her best to stamp out the corruption which traditionally has surrounded the Spire from which she rules while also working to protect the Land from its enemies.

While very few adventurers are ever invited to personally meet the Tower at the Spire, the mountain palace that overlooks the Land, many are called to serve her through her various agents and administrators. The Tower’s lineage was born in adventure and although she herself is distanced from her days, her house has continued to recognize the power that can be found among the ambitious and disenfranchised of the Land and has often served as a patron to those would-be heroes and fortune-seekers who are willing to lend their talents to the crown.

The Tower unfortunately has few that she might call ally. She has always known support from the Shepherd when circumstances have seemed their most grim, but the Shepherd otherwise finds the formalities and intrigues of the Madrilankha stifling, visiting rarely otherwise. The Mother of Dragons recognizes the nobility of the Tower and sends her servants dreams to assist and guide them towards a shared goal of maintaining civilization. While the Gorgon and the Prodigy do not always act according to a morality that the Tower finds palatable, both have been known to stand alongside the Tower when the Shadow or the Beast have schemed to bring war or devastation to the Land. And as chaos has risen in recent years, the Tower has contemplated reaching out to the Whisperer to tap into its long-ranging knowledge of the history of the Land for the sake of further preserving it.

The Shadow is the enemy of all that lives and sees the Tower as a twisted mockery of its own superior civilization. It seeks to destroy its former slaves completely. The Beast, in turn, is the voice of the savage who traditionally have known no home in the Land and now seek to burn it all as a result. The Seeker is the enemy of the Tower, given his ambitions, but does not appear to return the animosity through overt conflict. Wherever his designs can be discerned, however, the Tower is ruthless in obliterating them. And, of course, while not true enmity, there is a great mistrust between the Scion and the Tower, given the history of oppression and genocide which the latter’s people visited upon the former’s, and the recent terrorist attacks committed by the Scion’s charges against the kingdom have not eased those tensions.

Long ago, the Tower’s ancestor, a woman who crossed into The Land from a long-forgotten neighboring kingdom to bring peace, united the armies who had followed the standards of various generals and ended a civil war that had lasted twenty years. The Tower came to the City of Lies and ruled and so have her descendants ruled, mighty warriors feared in combat, well-versed in justice, and seeking above all things peace rather than war… although they are well-prepared for war, should it erupt. The current Tower is somewhat more hot-headed than her forebears but the dissolution of the age would prove difficult for anyone to navigate calmly.

Everything will be all right as long as the Tower maintains the tenuous peace of the Land and continues to serve as an example of the heights to which civilized society can aspire.


The Tower

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